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Igor Ruhadze in Concertgebouw 2d of October

Igor Ruhadze & ensemble Violini Capricciosi 2 of October in Concertgebouw with program "Baroque Violin Virtuosos"

Ensemble Violini Capricciosi specializes in historical performance and virtuoso violin music. Italy is known not only as of the birthplace of the instrument itself but also as the home to many virtuoso Baroque composers. The program ‘Baroque Violin Virtuosos’ opens with P.A. Locatelli, an Italian living in Amsterdam, who practised virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake. His works largely anticipated the works of Paganini and sometimes were even more technically demanding! Further, Igor Ruhadze turns to G.Tartini’s most famous sonata ‘Devil’s Trills’, distinguished by the dazzling left-hand skills. Later, he introduces the violin sonata by P.Nardini, Tartini’s most beloved student and one of the most eminent violinists of the 18th century. Mozart emphasized the beauty of his tones during his Italian travel of 1770-1771. Igor Ruhadze presents each piece with a narrative, allowing the audience to deeper understand its historical and musical context. 

Igor Ruhadze in Concertgebouw 2d of October

Igor Ruhadze with ensemble VIGMA SOLOISTS  on 2 of October in Concertgebouw with the program "MAD,MAD,MAD World"

The special trio violin-saxophone-piano was founded 3 years ago in Amsterdam. All three musicians graduated from the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory and later from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. The first piece by Russell Peterson, an experienced classical / jazz saxophonist, bassoonist and composer, consists of 4 parts, each representing the style of a particular composer: Ravel, Maslanka, Beethoven, Shostakovich. This beautiful modern program brings a Dutch premiere, a work by Boris Pigovat, the "Jewish wedding" (7:40). A Jewish composer born in the USSR, he now lives in Israel. As a composer of multiple genres, he writes music for almost all instruments performed by the world's most famous orchestras. This version of the "Jewish wedding" (7:40) for violin, saxophone and piano is specially made for VIGMA soloists and will premiere in the Netherlands in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.