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23-10-2015 - 11:28:24 PM - Laraine
I've been looking for a recording of Locatelli's L'Arte del Violino and, after sampling as many as I could find on Prestoclassical, have chosen yours. What would low-income music lovers like myself do without Brilliant Classics? And Prestoclassical have made things even better by giving customers a special on Brilliant Classics sets until 21 December 2015. Many thanks.

Kind regards
Laraine A Barker

12-5-2013 - 3:13:21 PM - puzkkoyf
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9-4-2013 - 6:46:08 PM - mark slagboom
beste igor,

U speelt heel mooi,en gevoelvol,echt meester muziek,ook uw viool solo,s
H gr mark slagboom hendrik ido ambacht

14-9-2009 - 2:48:50 PM - Bill
Hello Igor Ruhadze,

You can playing the violin very well. I can play the organ and the piano. I like the music, en the classic music. I have lessons for the organ and the piano. I wish you much success playing the violin at concerts. You play it too often P.J. Leusink? Again, much more success. The warmest greetings from me.

14-1-2008 - 9:29:20 PM - Thomas Regnery