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Ensemble “Violini Capricciosi”
Ensemble “Violini Capricciosi” was founded due to Igor Ruhadze's desire to draw international public attention to a new presence in the field of musical interpretation played on antique instruments. Ensemble Violini Capricciosi is the European ensemble dedicated to performing mainly virtuoso violin music. Members of the ensemble are well known European musicians in the fields of historical performance; each of the musicians in ensemble Violini Capricciosi has received prizes at national and international competitions.Mostly programs of ensemble Violini Capricciosi based on the virtuosic music for two violins and basso continuo from late baroque. Being educated first as a modern   solo violinists in the Moscow Conservatory and then as a baroque players in Amsterdam Conservatory, both violinist of the ensemble Igor Ruhadze and Daria Gorban have the same school of playing- the technical possibility and knowledge of historical performances, which gives them opportunity to produce unique quality of playing   together.Concerts differ from number of musicians, depending on the requirements of the music. Having the technical possibility and knowledge of historical performances member of ensemble Violini Capricciosi perform music of different styles and periods, from baroque and late baroque period till beginning of 20th century. The musicians use for the performances the authentic instruments or exact copies, depending on the requirements of the music.The programs of Ensemble Violini Capricciosi consists of well known, but rarely performing music on the concerts, because of the technical difficulty of the pieces, and completely unknown, forgotten music by great composers and players. All programs of Ensemble Violini Capricciosi consists not only from just very good well known or completely unknown music, but also carry the historical ideas and based on a historical events, which make concert not only a pleasant listening   of a music, but   gives also educational aspect for musicians and public.   

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