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"Italian devil in Amsterdam"   
The program of the ensemble Violini Capricciosi consists of sonatas for 2 violins and basso contunio by composers, who in 18th century played with P.A.Locatelli on his public concerts in Amsterdam, such as   A. Vivaldi Sonata for 2 violins and b.c. “Follia”, G.Tartini “Devil Trills”, J.M.Leclair Sonata for 2 violin without basso and P. Locatelli himself Sonatas for one and 2 violins.

"Wandering Tartini"   
This originally new version of Tartini's music will be present by Igor Ruhadze (baroque violin), who rerforms this program along, playing and solo part and part of the basso continuo himself and the violin, as it was done by Tartini himself many times during his life.Also this program includes sonatas of two more composes, both were related to G.Tartini. First compose is F.M.Verecini, renowned Italian virtuoso. G.Tartini was so much impressed by playing if Verecini, that he decided to leave Padue for more than four years to improve his own art of playing violin. Another famous composes was already impressed by play of Tartini, his name I.Handoskin, well known Russian composer and violin virtuoso, was famous under the name “Russian Tartini”.

"Angel and Devil"
Violini Capricciosi” 2 violins, cello and harpsichord
Program consists of sonatas by J.M.Leclair and P.Locatelli for one and two violins and basso continuo. From several reliable source we know that they meat ones in Kassel around 1727 in court. This meeting and performance may have been an enactment of battle between French and Italian styles of playing violin. Leclair played “like an Angel” and Locatelli “like devil”; Leclair employed extreme rhythm is freedom and moved listeners by beauty of his tone, while Locatelli astonished listeners with a deliberately scratchy tone and left-hand pyrotechnics.

“Il Furibondo violinista”
This program full of brilliant and virtuoso music: concertos and concerto grosso, such as concerto grosso by Italian violinist and composer F. Geminiani, who was also famous as “Il furibondo Geminiani” and was a concert master of Handel's orchestra in London, concerto grosso by maestro Handel himself and concertos for solo violin and orchestra by P.A.Locatelli, the famous opus “L'arte de violin” with virtuoso caprice in every concert for solo violin.

Program of ensemble Violini Capricciosi   consist of duets for 2 violins and violin and cello by G. F.Teleman, P.A. Locatelli, I. Handoskin,J.M.Leclair, Facuis and Cirri.

"Rome 1708”
Year 1708...   300 year ago in magnificent city Rome met two brilliant musicians. One of them was A. Corelli – at that time a well-known, famous violinist, composer, and the second – G. F. Handel - a young harpsichord player, came to Rome with a few concerts to perform .They met at musical evenings, where Handel improvised, where he did a competition with D.Scarlatti. Especially for this occasion Handel wrote a few cantatas, where Corelli leads the orchestra. They had small conflicts during rehearsals, the story has been told and retold that Corelli refused to play a virtuosi   passage in the overture to Handel's oratorio il Trionfo del Tempo e Disinganno (premiered in Rome, 1708), and took serious offense when the composer played the passage, but it never influenced their relationship.
‘'Russian Tartini”
The program consists of the music for 1 and 2   unaccompanied violins   by Russian composer   and violinist of the 18th century, who was famous as a Russian Tartini   for his virtuous playing   on the violin.   Violini Capricciosi will perform completely forgotten sonatas for 2   unaccompanied violins   and variations for 2 violins, based on the Russian songs.

“J.M Leclair - Maesto di violini in Den Haag”

Program for 2 violins base on the sonatas for 2 violins by J-M Leclair. The French violinist lived   for 7 years in Holland and was maestro di violini of the court in Den Haag.

G.F. Telemann
Works for violin solo and 2 violins. The program consists of sonatas for 2 violin including the   unique 6 sonatas written as 18 canons for 2 violins. Also in between Igor Ruhadze will play some of the 12 fantasies for solo violin.

G. B. Viotti – The father of French violin school
Concerto Duos for 2 violin senza basso by G.B.Viotti, P. Rode,   P.Baillot . New program.!!