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Biography Igor Ruhadze


Igor Ruhadze at the age of 12 began his career as a solo violinist, performing a concert for the violin Vieuxtemps nr. 5 with the Odessa Symphony Orchestra. Later, he graduated from the central music school, and in 1996 he graduated with honours from the Moscow State Conservatory as a solo violinist. In 2002, Igor graduated with honours from the Amsterdam Conservatory majoring in Early Music. Since 1999, Igor Ruhadze has been living in the Netherlands; since 2016, he has been a Dutch citizen. Igor Ruhadze is a laureate of several international violin competitions, such as the Locatelli International Violin Competition in Amsterdam, the Taneyev International Chamber Music Competition and the Musica Antiqua Competition in Bruges.

Since 1996, he taught solo violin at the Moscow Conservatory and the Moscow Central Music School. In 2006, Igor Ruhadze worked as a visiting teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Igor Ruhadze regularly performs in many European countries and tours around the world as a soloist with various orchestras and ensembles, performing all violin repertoires: from the Renaissance to modern music. He often appears at festivals where he gives solo concerts, such as the Tartini program for unaccompanied violin in Flanders, festival and the Russian Tartini - Handochkine festival in New York. Also, he acts as the permanent concertmaster of Musica Antiqua in St. Petersburg and the Bach Orchestra in the Netherlands and regularly performs with them throughout the country as a soloist with various programs from Bach to Faure and Tchaikovsky. Igor also recorded with the Bach Orchestra in the Netherlands the Dutch version "Passion for Matthew" by Bach (CD in DVD), and took part in the Dutch film "Erbarme Dich" directed by Ramon Geeling." Erbarme dich" game toured European cinemas and shown on Dutch television. Igor also performs a lot in chamber ensembles and leads his group "Violini Capricciosi". Igor Ruhadze recorded CDs and DVDs with chamber music and a solo repertoire under various labels. His collaboration with Brilliant Classics yielded several successful results: the unique Complete Locatelli Edition 21 CD received many excellent reviews, and his latest Biber Complete Violin sonatas impressed the audience with a warm tone and virtuoso performance on the violin. In January 2020, Igor Ruhadze's and ensemble Violini Capricciosi new album just released with all the Violin concerts of J.M.Leclair.

Igor Ruhadze plays on the violin of Jacobs, Amsterdam 1693, courtesy of the Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds and his own violin Carlo Tononi.